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What Causes Red Eye in Photos? July 2, 2018

Crown Heights, Brooklyn
What Causes Red Eye in Photos? , Brooklyn, New York

You smile and snap a fun photo with friends. When you look at it though, you may feel disappointed to find that your eyes appear bright red. Before you fire up the photo editing software, you may want to learn more about what causes this common phenomenon. Fortunately, the experienced eye doctors from Clear Vision Center, in Brooklyn, NY, have the information you need to understand.

An Eye Doctor Explains Red-Eye 

Red-eye occurs when the camera flash hits off the eyes, causing the pupil to expand and the blood-rich retina to reflect light back at the lens. Thus, the red color you see reveals the blood vessels of the connective tissue at the back of the eye. This most often occurs in low-light conditions, when the pupils can’t contract quickly enough to prevent the reflection of the retina.

How to Prevent it

eye doctorSince red-eye requires an isolated bright light source, it rarely occurs without the presence of flash. Instead, you may want to consider using external lighting sources. You can also avoid red-eye by not looking straight at the camera lens, which reduces the likelihood of the flash hitting the eye at the direct angle necessary to illuminate the retina. Many cameras also contain an anti-red-eye function that prevents the problem by firing a small flash of light right before the photo, allowing the pupil to adjust beforehand.

Medical Considerations

Red-eye is a common occurrence and in the vast majority of cases, does not signal a medical issue. However, if only one of your eyes consistently turns red in photos, it may indicate the presence of strabismus, meaning that the eyes are misaligned. If the eye appears white or yellowish, a serious condition like retinal detachment, cataracts, or an infection may be to blame. If you notice any of these issues, contact an eye doctor as soon as possible. With proper diagnosis and treatment, they can help resolve the problem so you can see clearly and healthily.

For advice and treatments, trust in the caring eye doctors from Clear Vision Center. For over 11 years, the friendly experts have been helping patients see their best. If you think you may have an optical issue, contact the vision center for an eye exam today. Call the practice at (718) 771-0078 or visit the website to learn more about the full range of frames and contacts they offer, as well.

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