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3 Camping Tips for When It Rains August 6, 2018

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3 Camping Tips for When It Rains, Piermont, New Hampshire

If your kids have ever gone to summer camp, they might have fallen in love with camping. The great outdoors has a lot to offer families, after all, like opportunities to be active, have adventures, and de-stress together in the fresh air. But what happens if you’re on a family camping trip and it starts to rain? Thanks to these helpful tips from Camp Walt Whitman in New England, you can still enjoy your trip and make some awesome memories.

Make the Best Out of Camping in the Rain With These 3 Tips

1. Bring Activities

Even if the weather forecast looks ideal, bring along some activities to do inside your tent. From cards to board games and puzzles, there are a lot of fun ways for your family to amuse themselves if they’re stuck inside. Have your kids teach you some of the fun activities they’ve learned at summer camp like bracelet-making and other arts so they can share their skills and help stay occupied in the rain.

2. Make Sure You Have Space

kids camp New EnglandWhen choosing a tent, consider that you may have to spend a lot of time in it if the weather goes south. Select one that is tall and allows your whole family to move around a bit. This will prevent sibling spats due to enclosed spaces and reduce the feeling of stir-craziness in the event that it rains.

3. Bring Ready-To-Eat Foods

If it’s pouring, you likely won’t want to start a campfire to make dinner. From tasty trail mix and fruit to granola bars and nonperishable leftovers, your family can still feast even if it’s wet outside. Before setting out on your trip, work with your kids to recreate that delicious pasta salad they love from summer camp lunch. It’s a delicious packable option to stash in your cooler for a quick meal that requires no on-site prep.

If you go camping and it ends up raining, your family will still have an enjoyable trip when you take a few precautions. When your child is ready to sign up for this year's summer camp sessions with Camp Walt Whitman, call (800) 657-8282. Visit the website for information on their programs and activities, talented and well-trained staff, and the camp’s long history of helping children gain confidence, learn new skills, and make lifelong friends.