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What to Do When You Lose a Crown or Filling June 29, 2018

Derby, Commerce City
What to Do When You Lose a Crown or Filling, Commerce City, Colorado

After having your smile beautifully restored with a tooth-colored filling or dental crown, it can be nerve-wracking to feel it pop out of place. However, damaged dental work is nothing to panic over, and dentists can repair problems quickly and efficiently. Here is a brief guide on how to handle a lost crown or filling. 

What to Do After Dental Work Damage

What Should I Do First?  

The second you feel a crown or dental filling come loose, stay calm and find the loose restoration. After you rinse off the filling or crown, analyze the piece to see if there are dental fragments that have come along with the tooth. If you have lost a crown, cover the tooth with the loose crown, and contact your dentist immediately. If you have lost a filling, keep the restoration outside of your mouth. Since lost fillings and crowns can alter the structural integrity of the tooth, it is important to meet with your dentist as soon as possible. 

How Can I Prevent Discomfort Until My Appointment? 

dentistSince both fillings and crowns protect the inside of the tooth from outside forces, it is important to avoid hot, cold, and hard foods to keep the area safe and comfortable. Instead, consider following a liquid diet for a few hours to prevent problems. If the tooth hurts, consider taking a mild over-the-counter pain reliever such as ibuprofen until your appointment time arrives. You can also use temporary dental wax or crowns to protect the tooth, but avoid making any changes that could further damage the tooth or your surrounding gum tissue. 


Dental emergencies can be scary, but at Commerce City Dental Center, in Commerce City, CO, they focus on taking the anxiety out of restorations. With a team of compassionate, gentle dentists who provide state-of-the-art dentistry, they help their patients enjoy beautiful restorations they can count on. To learn more about this practice, visit them online, and call (303) 288-6877 to schedule an appointment.

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