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What Are the Advantages of IP Surveillance? July 5, 2018

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What Are the Advantages of IP Surveillance?, Tacoma, Washington

Surveillance systems are a must for several types of businesses. What was once cutting-edge technology, however, has most likely been replaced with newer and more effective solutions. IP surveillance systems are the evolution of traditional CCTV camera networks and have a few features that make the upgrade well worth the investment.

How is IP Surveillance Different Than Other CCTV Camera Solutions?

Digitalization is the name of the game when talking about IP surveillance. In a traditional CCTV camera network, a group of them record analog footage that is converted to a digital format and stored by a digital video recorder (DVR) to be reviewed if necessary. 

IP surveillance is a completely digital process. The cameras capture digital footage that is transferred to a network video recorded (NVR). Because the footage is recorded digitally, there is no need to compress and convert an analog signal.

What Are the Benefits of IP Surveillance?

CCTV camerasOne of the most beneficial aspects of IP surveillance is the quality of the digital video. Because there’s no compression and conversion step, footage can be captured in stunning resolution (even up to 4k); this creates a crystal-clear image, making it easy to identify people in necessary situations. Even better, the footage never degrades over time thanks to being immediately archived in a digital format. 

The system allows for more than just a higher resolution; the NVR has software that allows users to perform intelligent searches, zooms, and more on demand. With these features, you have greater control over exactly what is being recorded at any given time.

The digital nature of an IP surveillance network also makes it possible to simultaneously record and playback material. This means you’ll never have to stop monitoring your property, even when its necessary to sift through footage while looking for something or someone specific. 


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