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4 Fish That Are Excellent Pets for Your New York Home June 28, 2018

Washington Heights, Manhattan
4 Fish That Are Excellent Pets for Your New York Home, Manhattan, New York

Fish are ideal pets for people of all ages. They’re particularly perfect for those seeking a first pet because they take up little space and are relatively low-maintenance. If you’re considering getting your first fish, you’ll want to outfit your home with the right tank and fish accessories, as well as the right species. Pet Fashion & Grooming in New York, NY, is the city’s go-to for fish accessories and supplies. Below, they explain four types of fish that are excellent for beginners.  

Fish Accessories Shop Shares 4 Freshwater Options for Home Aquariums

1. Neon Tetra

Neon tetras are tiny but make a statement with their beautiful blue and red coloring. These cool freshwater fish are one of the easiest to care for, and they can live up to 10 years in a home aquarium. They prefer swimming in groups, so you can have as many as you please. Their diet is simple, consisting of basic fish flakes, although you can also feed them bloodworms or brine shrimps on occasion. 

2. Gold Fish

fish accessoriesMost people know of the standard orange-colored goldfish, but they come in a broad range of colors and sizes. Many people enjoy the showier varieties with bubbly heads and fanned tails. These fish are excellent choices for beginners and, like the neon tetra, are low-maintenance. They prefer room temperature water, between 62 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit, and a diet of fish flakes. To keep the tank clean, change 10% of the water each week, and treat it with a dechlorinator as these fish can produce quite a bit of waste. 

3. Danios

Danios are also excellent fish for beginners. These small, multicolored fish have bright, horizontal stripes and like tetras, they’re hardy. They prefer a warm tank, unlike goldfish and tetras, which prefer cool water and do well on a diet of flake fish food. Although small in size, they tend to group near the surface where they’ll catch your eye as their bright stripes zip by. 

4. Platies

Platies are a peaceful species that can coexist well with other non-aggressive fish. There are many varieties in a broad range of colors, including silver and iridescent, orange, orange and white, and yellow. They require little maintenance and do well in a heated tank on a fish flake diet. They can also eat most frozen live foods, and sometimes eat algae. 

Whether you’re a seasoned fish keeper or a first-timer, these species can make an excellent addition to your freshwater tank. If you’re ready to build your aquarium or add to an existing setup, stop by Pet Fashion & Grooming, where you’ll find a broad range of fish accessories and pet supplies. Since 2008, they’ve been the city’s go-to source for pet care and supplies, as well as accessories such as pet clothing and jewelry. Call (347) 726-9409 to speak with a friendly staff member, or visit their website to see their online gallery. 

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