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5 Furniture Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid July 17, 2018

West Lake Hills, Travis County
5 Furniture Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid, West Lake Hills, Texas

From the living room to the bedroom, you expect the furniture to reflect your personal style, establish the ambiance in your home, and create a lasting impression. However, from pet mishaps to spilled wine, a variety of factors can soil your home’s interior. Before you reach for your go-to chemical solution, here are the most common furniture cleaning mistakes everyone should know.

Avoid These 5 Common Furniture Cleaning Mistakes

1. Vacuuming Fur Without a Wand

furniture cleaningYou love your pet, but you don’t love how much they shed on your couches. Use your vacuum’s wand attachment to effectively suction their fur off of fabric surfaces. Resist the urge to lift and place your standard vacuum on the couch; you won’t have as much control over the suction, and it will likely blow away as much fur as it collects.

2. Treating Stains Superficially

On certain materials, deep stains like pet urine and coffee might resurface if they aren’t properly treated. For example, on carpet, lay a dry towel over the surface to absorb as much liquid as possible as soon as a spill occurs. Then, use club soda or ice water to dilute the stain, and blot it with a new towel until the color disappears. Old, set-in stains should be treated by a professional furniture cleaning company.

3. Using Corrosive Cleaning Agents

Home furniture consists of a range of materials, such as a combination of wood, leather, and fabric. Not all chemical agents are created equal, and if you use a floor cleaner on a delicate fabric armchair, you might damage the color—or worse. Use a safe, gentle product that is specially made for the furniture’s material, and test it on a discreet corner before using it to clean a more visible area.

4. Ignoring Manufacturer’s Instructions

Some pieces of furniture include manufacturer’s instructions that detail specific recommendations for care. These instructions exist so that you know how to safely clean your furniture without damaging its integrity or exterior. If you don’t stick to these instructions, you risk damaging your investment.

5. Delaying Cleaning Services

Regular furniture cleaning services will take the guesswork out of maintaining the interior of your home. Work with a reputable local company to set up a cleaning schedule that works with your needs, lifestyle, and furniture material.


Life happens, and accidental spills can impact any surface in your home. You shouldn’t have to stress about furniture cleaning. That’s why people in West Lake Hills, TX, trust the team at Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning for all of their professional interior cleaning needs. This family-owned and -operated company offers a range of acclaimed, environmentally safe services, including carpet spot removal and upholstery cleaning. To receive a free quote, call (512) 328-2504 today, or visit them online to learn more about the company.

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