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Do's & Don’ts for Coping With Dental Anxiety June 28, 2018

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Do's & Don’ts for Coping With Dental Anxiety, Mammoth Spring, Arkansas

Many people become nervous about going to the dentist. It’s important to remember dental professionals are there to help you, and that oral wellness is a pillar of overall health that must be maintained with regular exams and cleanings. If you’re nervous about your next appointment, use this list of do’s and don’ts to help see you through.  


Distract yourself.

Some patients dislike the perceived feeling of invasiveness as hygienists clean their teeth, while others can’t stand the sound of the tools used. Whatever your fear, you may find it helpful to distract yourself by listening to music or watching TV, if possible, during your appointment.

Bring a companion.

Anticipation tends to build most during the time patients spend in the waiting room. To make the wait less nerve-racking, ask a friend or family member to come along. You can even pair your appointment with a fun outing, so you’ll have something to look forward to.

Let the staff know.

Giving the office staff a heads up about your woes could help. They may be able to offer you the first appointment of the day so you won’t have to wait long, ask if you have any special music requests, or provide other accommodations to help put you at ease.


Think about the “what ifs.”

Often, patients get caught up worrying about what could go wrong. Any nightmare you’ve envisioned is almost certainly far worse than what will really happen. Even if your dentist discovers decay or another issue, there are treatments and procedures available to help.

Ever feel embarrassed.

dentistMany patients are also concerned that they’ll be judged for slipping up with home hygiene habits. While dental professionals want what’s best for your overall health, they aren’t out to shame their patients. They specialize in helping individuals get back on track with strong oral hygiene and are there for your benefit.  

Be afraid to ask questions.

If you’re unsure about a particular tool, procedure, or anything else during your appointment—ask. You can also alert the hygienist or dentist any time you need to take a sip of water or need a slight break.


Specializing in oral care for patients of all ages, Mammoth Spring Dental Clinic aims to create a comfortable and calming environment for everyone. With a location in Mammoth Spring, AR, the practice’s dentist and staff will always treat their patients with compassion, friendliness, and professionalism to help alleviate any stress they may have. Learn more about the practice online, or call (870) 625-3262 to schedule an appointment.

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