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What You Can Use Propane for Around the House July 27, 2018

West Plains, Howell
What You Can Use Propane for Around the House, West Plains, Missouri

Propane can be used in a myriad of capacities throughout the home. Its environmentally friendly nature and ability to heat materials efficiently make this gas one of the most common solutions for powering appliances. Here are a few ways propane can be used on a daily basis.

What Can Propane Be Used for in the Home?

1. Making Rooms Feel Comfortable

Furnaces can sometimes function solely on propane. The fans and blowers that are incorporated into these products work to push the heated air up into the venting where it can be evenly distributed throughout the individual rooms. Switch-controlled dampers are attached to the vents, so they can be closed and not waste heat.

2. Bringing Water up to Temperature

propaneWater heaters are one of the main areas where propane can be used in the home. A burner is located directly under the water heater’s tank, which ignites as the gas travels through the control valve and thermostat switch. This creates a flame that causes the water to quickly heat up to a point where it can supply the temperature that is necessary for washing dishes, doing laundry, and taking a shower.

3. Heating Pools to Appropriate Levels

Pools should maintain a comfortable temperature for swimming, and a propane heater can make that happen more efficiently. This device connects directly into the water circulation system and warms up the liquid as it passes through the filter. The water then exits the heater and returns to the pool, so the optimal temperatures are achieved.

4. Igniting the Grill for Cooking

Outdoor cooking tasks can be completed much faster with the help of a propane grill. The amount of heat produced is determined by a set of controls along the side of the grill, which dictate how much gas is allowed to pass through to the burner. Once the burner has been ignited, it only takes a few minutes for the grill to heat up because of the speed at which propane burns.  


If you’re interested in learning more about propane and the uses it has within the home, connect with the experts at West Plains Propane in Howell County, MO. This locally owned gas company has been the region’s top supplier for the past 56 years and comes highly recommended for their reliability and professionalism. They stock a vast assortment of gas appliances and will be ready to answer any questions you have about making the switch to propane. Call (417) 256-3470 or visit them online to speak with a representative about obtaining your free estimate.

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