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3 Benefits of a Storage Unit for Your College Student December 3, 2018

Groveton, Lee
3 Benefits of a Storage Unit for Your College Student, Lee, Virginia

Many parents spend the entire school year waiting for the end of spring term so that they can finally spend some quality time with their college student again. However, you may quickly find that your child comes home with more than newfound wisdom—they also bring along a dorm room’s worth of belongings. Fortunately, you can avoid the impending chaos of finding additional space in your home simply by moving their excess belongings into a storage unit over summer break. Take a closer look at how a storage rental is sure to make your life easier, below.

3 Reasons to Rent a Storage Unit for Your College Student Over Summer Break

1. Avoid Clutter at Home

It's amazing how much stuff a college student will accumulate within a few months. From school supplies and bedding to closets full of clothing and dorm room decor, your child is likely to come home their first summer after starting college with far more than they left with. A storage unit can securely store the surplus without cluttering your entire home.

2. Make the Fall Transition Easier

storage unitIt's likely that your child already has everything they need at your home, but when August arrives, they’ll need their dorm room supplies again. Instead of transporting all of their belongings at the end of the year, you can store them in a unit near their campus until fall. This option will make the beginning of the fall semester go more smoothly, especially if you live more than a few hours from the school, because you won't have to deal with the frustrations of hauling the goods yourself. You can also skip out on any shipping costs for larger, less-manageable items that won't fit in your vehicle.

3. Prepare for the Future

While storing your child's dorm room goods will make summer break less chaotic, it also provides an opportunity for you both to begin preparing for the future. After a year or two in the dorm, many students choose to move into an apartment. To prepare for this venture, most parents begin collecting furnishings now to ensure their child is properly prepared for a big move down the road. To avoid these items piling up around your home, you can utilize a long-term storage rental to keep them safe and out of your way.


A storage unit is the perfect solution for reducing college clutter. Keep your home tidy over summer break by turning to Holly Hill Self Storage in Alexandria, VA. Known throughout Fairfax County for their exceptional level of customer service and affordable pricing, the storage facility offers a variety of unit sizes along with round-the-clock surveillance and climate-controlled options. Visit their website to reserve your unit today, or call (703) 765-3115 to learn more about their rental choices.