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3 Bathroom Remodeling Design Tips for Parents With Young Kids June 21, 2018

3 Bathroom Remodeling Design Tips for Parents With Young Kids, ,

Bathroom remodeling offers an excellent way to upgrade the look of your home and improve its functionality. When you have little ones, it’s especially important to consider their needs as they grow while going through this design process. How can you consider your children in your new plan? Below, you’ll find three tips to help you get started on creating a child-friendly bathroom to accommodate your growing family.

Tackle Bathroom Remodeling With These 3 Tips for Parents

1. Optimize Storage

As your children age, they’ll require additional storage options to cater to their changing needs. Install shelving and cabinets during bathroom remodeling, so everyone can keep the space neat. Consider toy storage as well as places to stash hygiene items and linens.

2. Keep the “Kid Stuff” to Removable Items

bathroom remodeling New York NYIt may be tempting to install a short vanity and toilet for your kiddos, but eventually, they’ll grow, requiring another round of bathroom remodeling. Instead, keep the child-themed parts of the room to the paint color and accessories. For example, consider painting colorful stripes on the walls and using themed towels to add a youthful touch. In time, you can replace these linens and redo the paint so the space better suits their age.

3. Choose Low-Maintenance Materials

Kids are prone to making messes. From splashing soapy tub water onto the floor to leaving behind toothpaste in the sink, you’ll need materials that you can easily clean. Choose options like semi-gloss paint that you can wipe down as necessary. Porcelain or ceramic tiles offer easy mopping but may require a little scrubbing to clean the grout thoroughly. Quartz counters provide a high-end look but are less likely to retain scratches or stains than granite.


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