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A Guide to the Transmission & Transmission Service June 22, 2018

Florissant, St. Louis, MO
A Guide to the Transmission & Transmission Service, Florissant, Missouri

Aside from the engine, the transmission of your car is its most important system. For this reason, regular transmission service and maintenance are crucial. Mullanphy Tire & Automotive, an experienced auto repair shop in Florissant, MO, explains below what the transmission is and why its proper care is essential to your car's maintenance routine.

What Is the Transmission?

Transmission serviceThe transmission is a series of gears and linkages that connect the engine of your car to the drive shaft. Its name comes from the fact that it transmits engine power to the wheels and causes the vehicle to move forward and backward. As the driver depresses the accelerator, the gear ratios within the transmission change—either manually or automatically, depending on the type—to permit the vehicle to travel progressively faster without the engine having to spin faster.

Why Is Transmission Service So Important?

The transmission contains many moving parts. The friction of metal rubbing against other metal parts at high speed causes heat, which can melt or warp the components. Transmission fluid helps dissipate heat and lubricates the parts to reduce friction. When fluid levels drop or the fluid breaks down or gets dirty, it cannot dissipate heat or lubricate moving parts as effectively. Thus, the fluid and fluid filter must be replaced every 50,000 miles or so. If you wait too long between service visits, the parts could overheat and permanently damage your vehicle.

Just as with regular oil changes, scheduled transmission service is crucial to the long-term health and performance of your vehicle. For expert service, contact Mullanphy Tire & Automotive in Florissant, MO. They field a team of experienced, certified technicians who offer the most reliable service in St. Louis County. Visit their Facebook page to view a map and business hours, or call (314) 921-4961 to make an appointment today.

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