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Should You Choose Kayaking or Paddleboarding? July 5, 2018

North Shore, Waialua
Should You Choose Kayaking or Paddleboarding?, Waialua, Hawaii

For those who are active, adventurous, and curious, there’s no better way to explore the beautiful waters of Hawaii than to venture out there yourself. Kayaking and paddleboarding are two popular methods of water transportation. While both offer a workout and sightseeing opportunities, each has advantages. The following guide will help you select the best vessel for your journey.

The Benefits of Kayaking

Kayaking is more common and involves a small boat with a double-sided paddle. The kayak has storage for gear and supplies, making it suitable for long-distance travel, while paddleboards have little to no storage. Because your center of gravity is closer to the water, you’ll have better stability in a kayak, which is also more durable. With paddleboards, you need to be careful near rocks or in shallow water, but kayaks can typically take a beating. If anyone in your group is new to both, kayaks are usually easier to learn.

The Benefits of Paddleboarding

kayakingIf you’re a surfer or itching to try something new, you’ll definitely appreciate stand-up paddleboards, or SUPs. As their name suggests, these large boards are steered with a paddle while standing or kneeling. They require more balance, thus providing a more efficient workout. Kayaks work your shoulders and arms, while SUPs focus on your entire body, particularly your core. They’re lighter and less bulky than kayaks, making them easier to board and transport. SUPs have plenty of room for passengers if your children are too tired to paddle. Just remember that added weight will tire you out faster, so this option is better for shorter trips.


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