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How Can You Buy a Car on a Tight Budget? July 12, 2018

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How Can You Buy a Car on a Tight Budget?, Henderson, Tennessee

For many people, buying a car isn’t a luxury—rather, it’s a necessity for getting to work and running other important errands. But how can you buy a car when your financial resources are limited? Though shopping for a used car can help you save money, following a couple of best practices will ensure you get an affordable vehicle that also delivers on reliability.

Know What Fits Your Price Range

When you have a low budget, you shouldn’t expect to afford a car that is only one or two years old. Instead, you’ll need to look for older, high-mileage vehicles. For those with particularly tight budgets, it’s generally recommended that you start your search with cars with 100,000 miles or that are close to 10 years old.

Similarly, when you first start your search, it’s better to focus on a maximum price, rather than a particular make or model. This way, you can ensure your efforts to buy a car won’t cause you to spend more than you can afford.

Be Mindful of Maintenance

buy a carAfter you find some vehicles at a local car dealership that fit your budget, it’s time to do some additional research. Consumer Reports is an excellent resource that will give you greater insight into a specific vehicle’s overall reliability and performance.

To get a vehicle that won’t strain your budget after you buy it, try to buy a car that had good ratings when it was first released and has continued to receive above-average, long-term reliability scores. Try to avoid salvage vehicles, which are more likely to experience performance problems. This way, you can prevent costly repairs and maintenance.


Do you need help finding a car that fits your budget? Automax of Chester County in Henderson, TN, offers a vast range of vehicles for any financial situation, including under $5,000, so you can buy a car that fits your needs. To learn more about their current inventory, visit them online, or call (731) 989-9500 today to schedule a test drive.

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