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Top 5 Personality Traits of a Successful Real Estate Agent July 19, 2018

Holmdel, Monmouth County
Top 5 Personality Traits of a Successful Real Estate Agent, Holmdel, New Jersey

Whether you’re in the middle of your career or just starting out as a working professional, you want to wake up every day feeling passionate about what you do. If you’re interested in property and architecture, then consider becoming a real estate agent. You’d be in the thick of the housing market making deals that benefit both you and your clients. Here are five characteristics to have if you wish to be a successful real estate agent.

What Makes an Effective Real Estate Agent?

1. Personable

You must be able to make genuine connections with people so they can trust you with finding them property. The more personable and socially adept you are, the more relationships you form and the larger your client network becomes. All of this leads to more business and more sales.

2. Persuasive

Buying or selling a property is a monumental change, which is why some clients are reluctant to make a decision. As an agent, you know the real estate market and understand when a property is a good buy or when it’s appropriate to sell. Persuade your clients to purchase or sell a property when you know it’s their best option. You also must negotiate with the other party to get them to agree on a price and other contingencies, such as the closing period.

3. Self-Motivated

As a real estate agent, you’re responsible for finding and maintaining clients. You’re also in charge of your own schedule. You must be able to set goals, make a plan to reach those goals and then execute the plan. 

4. Knowledgeable About the Local Housing Market

Clients come to you because you have knowledge and experience they lack when it comes to buying or selling a house. The more you know about current trends, neighborhoods, and other characteristics of a local housing market, the more business you’ll get.

5. Detail-Oriented

Every client has certain wants and needs. If they’re looking to buy a house, you must be able to personalize listings to fit their wish list. Additionally, it’s important to communicate often with your client, remain updated on the latest deals, and stay on top of any leads.


If these characteristics describe you, EXIT Realty of New Jersey can help you begin and grow your business as a real estate agent. Each of their 3,600+ offices has multiple agents to train and guide new brokers. Serving Hackettstown, Holmdel, North Ironbound, and Toms River, their payout plan enables you to maximize your commissions and success. Give the Newark office a call at (973) 466-0003 or visit their website to learn more about joining their team.

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