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4 Symptoms of Diabetes in Seniors July 2, 2018

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4 Symptoms of Diabetes in Seniors, Honolulu, Hawaii

Type 2 diabetes results from abnormally high blood glucose levels, which can cause serious complications — especially in seniors. The home nurses at CareResource Hawaii know how crucial it is to control this condition to prevent detrimental effects. That’s why this home care service offers this guide to Honolulu families to get their loved ones’ necessary medical assistance.

5 Symptoms of Elderly Diabetes According to a Home Nurse

1. Flu-Like Symptoms

home nurseFlu symptoms, like fatigue or lethargy, typically resolve in a matter of weeks; however, when these symptoms are caused by Type 2 diabetes, they can linger. Because the body can’t process sugar correctly, the senior’s energy levels will diminish unless they seek a medical professional.

2. Poor Wound Healing

Proper circulation brings a fresh supply of red blood cells, which helps facilitate faster healing. When circulation is impaired by diabetes, relatively minor wounds can take longer to heal — or may not heal at all. This is particularly problematic when wounds are on the feet, as circulation can be extremely poor in these areas.

3. Blurred Vision

As blood sugar levels become higher, the eyes can swell. As a result, the lens of the eye will change shape, causing blurriness and distortion. The key to correcting eyesight problems is to keep glucose levels in check.

4. Weight Fluctuations

People with type 2 diabetes may be compelled to eat more to make up for their decreased energy. On the other hand, less glucose can cause muscle mass to diminish, which results in decreased weight. Any suspicious or sudden weight changes should be reported to a doctor immediately.

CareResource Hawaii supports families and their loved ones afflicted with significant medical conditions like diabetes. These home nurses can also offer some much-needed companionship to their elderly clients, which is an essential aspect of leading a fulfilling life. Call (808) 691-4663 to learn more about arranging home nurse services in Honolulu. You can also access more helpful information when caring for elderly loved ones by visiting the website.

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