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3 Types of Custom Swimming Pool Materials June 29, 2018

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3 Types of Custom Swimming Pool Materials, 10, Illinois

A custom swimming pool is a fun and relaxing way to stay cool over the summer. It also increases the property value of your home. But with so many materials to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which one is the best choice for your needs. Here, the contractors at Destination Pools in Columbia, IL, share a guide to the most common options. 

Which Type of Custom Swimming Pool Is Right For You?

1. Fiberglass

Fiberglass pools are the easiest to maintain because of their nonporous surface. A manufacturer creates the shell off-site, which means your contractor can complete the installation in a few days. Fiberglass pools are also versatile — you can add colored finishes, ceramic tiles, and ambient pool lighting. The size and shape of a fiberglass mold cannot be customized, so homeowners must choose from pre-designed models.

2. Concrete

custom swimming poolUnlike fiberglass, you can design the size and shape of a concrete pool according to your preferences. Concrete is also highly durable and retains its value over time. Due to its porous surface, it’s susceptible to algae growth and may require more maintenance or a waterproof finish. The construction process of a concrete pool can take three to six months.

3. ResoCoat™

Traditional in-ground pools use vinyl liners. However, the material requires replacement every few years because it fades from sun exposure and tears due to contact with pool toys, skimmers, and other sharp objects. Fortunately, there’s another option for lining pools with steel or polymer panels: ResoCoat. The smooth, polymeric finish resists UV light, pool chemicals, and corrosion, and you won’t have to worry about rips because it’s completely waterproof. The material can also be applied over concrete and fiberglass surfaces.

No matter which material you choose, contact Destination Pools for high-quality construction and installation. As the premier custom swimming pool contractors in Columbia, they provide the best techniques and tools to ensure the structure withstands years of use. Call (618) 281-7776 to discuss your vision. Visit their website for more information about their services.

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