Harlem, New York
2873 Broadway
New York, NY 10025
Satisfy your craving for froyo at West Harlem?s PINKBERRY. This frozen yogurt shop has taking New York, New York by storm, serving up healthy desserts for every occasion. Pile on the fresh fruit or sinful toppings with your favorite frozen yogurt flavor.

Pinkberry’s Delicious Summer Flavors Are On Their Way May 13, 2015

Harlem, Manhattan
Pinkberry’s Delicious Summer Flavors Are On Their Way, Manhattan, New York

Summer blockbusters aren't just for the movie theaters anymore. For a limited time, Pinkberry is proud to offer its own triple feature of amazing new flavors of frozen yogurt to help stave off the summer heat. Fans of their Chocolate Hazelnut will be glad to see it return, along with the debut of two brand new flavors: Lemon Lime and Strawerry Vanilla Pinkberry.

This yogurt shop has become a sensation across the United States and abroad by using real milk, yogurt, and fruit in all of their creations, and this new crop of flavors is no exception. The lemon lime is packed with fresh lime puree, giving a sharp, refreshing citric tang softened by the mild texture of real yogurt. Try it with a topping of raspberries for a sharp treat, or make a froyo pie with cookie toppings.

Strawberry Vanilla is also crafted with the genuine article, including real vanilla beans and fresh berries, creating a tart taste with a smooth, creamy finish, letting the quality of the ingredients truly come to life. You may have had strawberry vanilla yogurt before, but not like this. Add berries on top for an explosive flavor experience, or try some cheesecake to make a special dessert.

If you prefer sweets, Pinkberry's Chocolate Hazelnut can't be beat, with a deep, rich chocolate taste combined with the lightness of frozen yogurt. With fresh hazelnut in every bite, you can't go wrong!

Visit Pinkberry online to see their full menu, and drop by your nearest location before these limited-edition flavors run out.