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Protect Your Home From Windstorm Damage This Hurricane Season November 8, 2018

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Protect Your Home From Windstorm Damage This Hurricane Season, La Marque, Texas

With the hurricane season approaching, many Texans are wondering the same thing: how can I shield my home from windstorm damage? The first step is working with a windstorm engineering expert. In La Marque, TX, residents rely on the team at Cobalt Engineering and Inspections for help, as they will take the necessary steps to fortify your property. 

3 Ways to Prepare for Windstorm Damage 

1. Address Your Windows

windstorm damageAs small and sometimes breakable units around your house, windows tend to be some of the most vulnerable structures during a hurricane. The first action to take is scheduling a windstorm inspection to understand if the windows will stand up to high-velocity winds. Whether the recommendation is to repair the framing, fix cracks, or upgrade to hurricane windows, it’s important to follow the recommendations and secure these key entry points. 

2. Adjust Your Landscaping

As much as you try to shield your landscaping from wind damage, you also need to ensure that elements of your greenery don’t become weaponized. Consider switching out any pebble surfaces for wood chips or soft mulch — otherwise, the wind can launch the rocks at your home. It’s also a good time to trim your tree, removing any potentially dangerous branches and tying big trees to the ground. 

3. Tether Loose Objects

Walk around the perimeter of your home, and make a note of any appliances or large structures you can find. Look out for picnic tables, barbecues, and benches. Strong enough winds or flooding water can move these objects and send them crashing into your house, so it’s smart to anchor them to the ground. Another alternative is to stow them inside your garage, removing their threat entirely. 

If you haven’t made any adjustments to your home to prevent windstorm damage this year, reach out to Cobalt Engineering and Inspections immediately. With their engineering background, the professionals have the capacity to understand the different threats posed by severe winds. By calling one of their specialists at (409) 526-9988, you can set up a windstorm inspection and begin the process of protecting your home. To learn more about the company’s services, visit the website

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