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3 Ways Acupuncture Helps to Manage Chronic Pain June 27, 2018

Cherokee Village, Sharp
3 Ways Acupuncture Helps to Manage Chronic Pain, Cherokee Village, Arkansas

From pre-existing conditions to personal beliefs, there are several reasons someone who has chronic pain might not rely solely on pharmaceuticals to alleviate symptoms. According to the staff at Therapy Works in Cherokee Village, AR, pairing professional physical therapy treatment with acupuncture could help improve the quality of life for those with chronic pain. Below, the leading physical therapists in Fulton and Sharp counties explain how acupuncture is an effective option for pain management.

3 Reasons to Manage Chronic Pain With Acupuncture 

1. Energy Balance Is Restored to Prevent Pain & Illness

Acupuncture is believed to unblock restricted energy flow. Needles are applied to different channels, or meridians, to change the energy’s route. Once the flow of energy is redirected, the body’s sense of balance is restored. Maintaining correct energy flow with acupuncture will block out pain and disease in the process

2. Endorphins Are Released Into the Body

From elevating your mood to boosting fertility, traditional Chinese acupuncture is used to address various concerns with organ systems throughout the body. For pain relief, fine needles are inserted into acupoints that move along various channels to different body parts. When needles are placed in specific areas, endorphins are released into the system. The chemical stops pain by interacting with the brain’s opiate receptors. 

3. Muscles Return to the Resting Position

Cherokee-Village-Arkansas-professional-physical-therapyIf you suffer from neck, back, or joint pain, complementing professional physical therapy with acupuncture will alleviate muscle pain. Tightness and spasms cause the muscles to restrict and throb. Acupuncture focuses energy flow to the affected areas to settle the rapid movement causing pain.

If chronic pain is impacting your health, relationships, and outlook on life, the experienced team at Therapy Works will tailor a professional physical therapy program to improve your comfort, strength, and mobility. To learn more about professional physical therapy solutions available in Cherokee Village, call (870) 856-4325. Visit the licensed physical therapists online for an in-depth look at the treatments they provide, and follow them on Facebook for announcements. 

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