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3 Home Improvement Tips to Seamlessly Transform Your Spare Room June 26, 2018

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3 Home Improvement Tips to Seamlessly Transform Your Spare Room, Texarkana, Texas

If you have a spare room, you may hesitate to dedicate it to just one use or be unsure what to do with it. Fortunately, the home improvement experts at Janet Green Interior Design of Texarkana, TX, say there are a few ways you can seamlessly transform this space throughout the years so it serves numerous needs. Here are three step-by-step uses for a spare room that will help it continue to meet your changing life.

A Home Improvement Guide to Transform Your Spare Room

1. Start With a Nursery

Whether you’re planning on starting a family or expanding your current one, this is an excellent space to turn into a nursery. It will be a quiet room where your baby can sleep peacefully and will hold all the furniture and accessories necessary to care for an infant, like a changing table, crib, and rocking chair. Decorate it in soft blues, yellows, or pinks and fill it with age-appropriate toys for your little one to play with.

2. Turn It Into a Media Room

home improvementOnce the babies have gotten older, it’s time to turn the nursery into a space everyone can use. A media room is a perfect place for the family to gather together and enjoy some quality bonding time. Fill this space with comfortable couches and chairs, a sizable television, books, games, and more so everyone can relax and entertain themselves at the end of a long day.

3. Create a Work Room

When the kids are older and have started to move out, the media room can then become a place for you to rededicate yourself to your hobbies. Perhaps you’ve started a business and need a place to work in the house undisturbed, or maybe you’d like to begin painting or woodworking again. The spare room is the perfect space for you to seclude yourself and indulge your interests and passions in a quiet spot.

For the best results when you’re working on a home improvement project, turn to the expert interior designers at Janet Green Interior Design. The award-winning team has more than three decades of experience and will work with you to transform your residence into a space that looks and feels just like you. They will help you stay on budget and handle all the work with subcontractors for you, making the process of revitalizing the house easy. To learn more, call (903) 831-­6617 or visit them online.