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5 Benefits of Therapeutic Massages June 26, 2018

Caldwell, Essex County
5 Benefits of Therapeutic Massages, Caldwell, New Jersey

Massages have long been celebrated as a wonderful way to pamper yourself, yet they do much more than promote relaxation. Discover some of the many benefits therapeutic massages offer, whether you are considering it following a sports injury, accident, or simply to improve your health and wellness. A massage manipulates and puts pressure on the skin, muscles, ligaments, and tendons, and comes in numerous forms, including Swedish and deep tissue.

How Therapeutic Massages Can Help You

1. Encourages Healthy Circulation

Therapeutic massages promote optimal circulation by moving fluid from congested areas within the body so new blood can flow through. In addition to stimulating blood flow, massages encourage healthy lymphatic system drainage and therefore efficient toxin elimination.

2. Relieves Pain

therapeutic massageRegular massages relieve a variety of bodily pains, including headaches, muscle soreness and cramping, and joint pain. The therapy reduces if not eliminates muscle tightness and tension while encouraging the release of endorphins, or the body’s natural painkillers. Improved circulation from therapeutic massages also promotes pain relief and healing because it provides the muscles with oxygen and other essential nutrients.

3. Improves Range Of Motion

Removing pain and tension in the muscles and joints often has a dramatic effect on your range of motion, especially when a massage is combined with other treatments such as physical therapy. It is commonly used as a complement to physical therapy for those who have been in vehicular accidents or sustained other serious injuries.

4. Reduces Anxiety

Flooding the brain with feel-good endorphins and loosening tight, tense muscles reduce anxiety and stress. Muscles relax when they receive nutrient-rich blood and oxygen to further help you feel good.

5. Increases Immunity

Because therapeutic massages help the body detox by stimulating lymphatic flow, they improve immune system function. It also boosts immunity by decreasing metabolic stress in the body, which occurs when the nervous system becomes overwhelmed. Metabolic stress weakens the immune system and therefore the body’s white blood cell count, something massages help reverse.


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