Kalaheo Ahupua`a, Hawaii

3 Ways an Outdoor Shower Improves Tropical Living March 29, 2019

Kalaheo Ahupua`a, Eleele-Kalaheo
3 Ways an Outdoor Shower Improves Tropical Living, Eleele-Kalaheo, Hawaii

Your backyard landscape should be an oasis; thriving in greenery, the sounds of birds and water, and the smell of tropical flowers in the trade winds.  It should be a relaxing place to enjoy family and friends.  A life in the Tropics means that it is summer all year round.  A lot of physical activities and socializing means that your guests can easily become overheated.  Local families in Hawaii enjoy the many benefits that come with this refreshing water feature installation.  Take a moment to understand why an outdoor shower is such an integral part of a Tropical lifestyle.

Why Install an Outdoor Shower?

1. Keep Interior Clean

water featuresOne of the best reasons for an outdoor shower is cleanliness. Of course, these water features will keep you clean. However, they'll also keep your interior spotless. For example, playtime in the Tropics can lead to sweaty bodies, grassy feet and sand filled swimsuits.  Don't track these elements inside.  Instead, wash off in your outdoor shower and keep your carpets clean. This will also help keep your bathroom and laundry clean; as any dirt, sand, or grass will naturally drain back into your garden.  The design team at Greg Boyer Landscape Corp. likes to place outdoor showers adjacent to guest bedrooms with a privacy wall so your guests can remove their sandy swimsuits and step cleanly into their personal space.  This shower space now provides you with an excellent and exciting opportunity to create a beautiful garden room for your guests to enjoy.  Add a few nightlights and some garden art and it becomes magical for them in the evening.

2. Stay Cool

Many enjoy playing in the water during the hot summer months. However, not everyone has access to a backyard pool. If you're out playing golf, biking or enjoying a midday picnic, you can easily get overheated. An outdoor shower can instantly cool you off. This allows you to better enjoy your outdoor excursions and avoid getting too sweaty.

3. Get Changed

You can do more with your outdoor shower than wash your body. Many use it without turning on the water at all. If you need to change out of a wet swimsuit, dirty clothes, or sweat-soaked jersey, you can do so before going inside. Use your outdoor shower as a changing room for quick, accessible privacy.


There are many benefits of installing an outdoor shower. If you’re looking to improve your indoor/outdoor living, call Greg Boyer Landscape Corp. Located in Kailua-Kona, HI, they are the go-to landscape contractor in the area. Whether you’re looking for a garden design or a landscape installation, they specialize in quality and unique garden creations.  Since 1975, they have been providing personalized services to all Hawaiian Islands. For more information, visit their website or call (808) 239-8264 today.