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6 Important Trends in How Companies Are Adopting Cloud Services April 29, 2019

Melville, Suffolk County
6 Important Trends in How Companies Are Adopting Cloud Services, Melville, New York

Cloud services are becoming increasingly sophisticated, giving businesses in almost every industry innovative software solutions at lower costs. As these services continue to dominate the mainstream, companies of every size will further rely on them to streamline processes and expand core functions. Here are just a few emerging trends in the widespread adoption of cloud services.

A Guide to the Top Six Cloud Services Trends

1. Multiple Providers

While cloud services are usually reliable, an outage or down server can disrupt your operations. Many businesses are choosing to use several providers for different applications, insulating them from the risk of serious problems and reducing the chances of getting locked in.

2. Data Recovery

Cloud services can serve as a backup to your in-house servers, but even Google™, Microsoft®, or IBM® can suffer major data loss. Protect your information by storing everything on several different cloud services or contract for multiple server centers with one provider.

3. Integrated Safety Features

cloud servicesSecurity may not have seemed as important when businesses were using the cloud to run a few applications. However, it’s critical when you rely on it for core functions. More cloud service providers offer full encryption, security monitoring, and other features to keep data secure.

4. Cost-Effectiveness

While cloud services are almost always less expensive than buying hardware and software licenses, maintaining multiple contracts for different amounts of traffic can get overwhelming. More businesses are focusing on containing these costs as much as possible, negotiating agreements to maximize their savings.

5. Personalized Services

Just a few years ago, cloud computing was best for working on small projects and creating prototypes. Now, however, with so many companies offering their full range of services on the cloud, providers must boost capabilities to meet the ever-evolving demands of their clients.

6. Development Efficiency

Cloud services don’t just change how your company delivers its product, but it may also revolutionize how everyone in the organization works. Many companies are creating smaller, nimbler teams focused on innovation and rapid problem-solving to take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing.


With agents across the country and options from several industry-leading telecom and data firms, Mojo Tech, will ensure your business adapts to a constantly changing environment. Whether you’re considering a new cloud services provider or need advanced telecom capacities for a business, these experienced professionals help you get the right services for the best price possible. Visit their website or call (631) 604-4318 to discuss your company’s needs. 

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