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NYC’s Best Laundry Service’s Guide for Storing Winter Clothes June 26, 2018

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NYC’s Best Laundry Service’s Guide for Storing Winter Clothes, Manhattan, New York

Your heavy fur coats and comfortable cashmere sweaters served you well in the winter, but now, they take up valuable closet space that could serve your summer attire. While packing these items away is a good way to free up some room, the best laundry service in New York City, Mr. Anthony Cleaners, wants to make sure you know how to do this correctly. Below is their guide for storing valuable pieces to ensure they are in the same condition you left them for next winter.

Have Them Cleaned

laundry serviceBefore packing any of your winter items — especially outerwear pieces — you need to have them cleaned to remove all germs and oils that could have accumulated during their intense usage. However, throwing leather and suede coats, as well as cashmere or wool sweaters into a typical washing machine would ruin the materials. To protect these unique and expensive articles, bring them to a professional laundry service. They will perform delicate cleaning measures to ensure the items are fully clean and ready for storage.

Place Them in a Cool Area

Whether you store your coats and sweaters in special bins or place them on strong, wooden hangers inside cloth wardrobe bags, keep them in a cool environment. Ideally, locate a dark, dry area in your home that stays around 65 degrees on average. This will protect the oils on your precious leather bomber jacket or fur coat from evaporating, which would cause it to look dull and lifeless when you pull it out the next winter season. Also, sunlight is the enemy of any expensive fabric, as it can make them fade or rot.

If you’re in the process of swapping your winter clothes out with your summer pieces, get them cleaned at Mr. Anthony Cleaners before storing them away. This family-owned business provides superior laundry services, including garment storage, laundry drop-off and pickup, and dry cleaning. To find out how they can assist you, call them at (212) 689-8689, and check out the website for more information about the services available.

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