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4 FAQ About Root Canals June 27, 2018

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4 FAQ About Root Canals, Rhinelander, Wisconsin

Root canals are something many people will require during their lifetime. The term may make you nervous, which can lead to delayed or even avoided treatment. The staff at Timber Drive Dental in Rhinelander, WI advise that root canals are much simpler than they may seem and that the majority of the discomfort is experienced leading up to the treatment. To both explain the procedure and ease patients’ nerves, they want to answer common questions they receive in the sections below.

4 Common Questions About Root Canals

1. What Is a Root Canal?

When your tooth’s root is inflamed or infected, a root canal is how it’s treated. Within your tooth are chambers that contain pulp. A dentist needs to remove any that’s infected and clean the tooth’s interior, so they’ll drill down to the area, clear the infection, and then seal the chambers and top off the tooth.

2. How Do I Know I Need One?

root canalsOnly your dentist can determine if a root canal is necessary. However, there are common symptoms. If you experience pain in a tooth constantly, experience hot or cold sensations, or have difficulty chewing, you may need a root canal. There are many cases where there are no symptoms, though, which is why it’s important to regularly visit the dentist.

3. Does It Hurt?

It’s extremely rare to experience pain during the procedure because you’ll be anesthetized. You may feel pressure and slight discomfort, but the dentist will make sure you receive further anesthesia as needed. There will be additional discomfort while recovering—typically for 24-48 hours—but the dentist can prescribe pain medication to help.

4. Is Extraction Better?

Tooth extraction is an alternative to root canals, but it’s ultimately best to save your natural teeth. Dental implants, bridges, and other cosmetic dentistry solutions can also be expensive and require additional treatment. Only the most severe infections will warrant an extraction.

It’s best to address a tooth infection right away to avoid more serious oral health issues, so turn to the staff at Timber Drive Dental. Whether you need a basic cleaning or more extensive treatment, Dr. Paco Fralick and his team will work with you to ensure you achieve a lasting smile. Call (715) 365-1800 today to schedule an appointment and visit their website to learn more about their practice.

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