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4 Health Benefits of Liposuction July 23, 2018

Chelsea, Manhattan
4 Health Benefits of Liposuction , Manhattan, New York

Liposuction is typically considered a cosmetic procedure that is used to improve a person’s appearance by reducing fat in problem areas, such as the underarms, thighs, back, and stomach. But it can also have health benefits. Here, the cosmetic surgeons at NY Laser Cosmetic Center in Manhattan share four reasons to schedule this popular procedure. 

4 Health Conditions Liposuction Can Help 

1. Lipodystrophy Syndrome

Lipodystrophy syndrome is a disorder in which fat accumulates in one part of the body and is lost in another. Some people experience it as a result of HIV, though the cause is unknown. In patients with HIV, it is uncertain whether it is a side effect of the virus or the medications used to treat it. The condition is associated with metabolic abnormalities and insulin resistance which can have complications. Liposuction can help balance fat distribution. 

2. Reduce Triglycerides

liposuctionResearch has found that liposuction can reduce triglycerides in people with higher-than-normal triglyceride levels. The study, presented at the annual meeting of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons in Denver, found that there was no difference in people with normal triglyceride levels after surgery. In people with higher levels, there was a 43% reduction three months post-surgery. That is about twice the reduction people typically experience by taking cholesterol-lowering medications. However, the researchers found no change in cholesterol levels. 

3. Lymphedema

Lymphedema is swelling that typically occurs in one or both arms or legs. Lymph node removal or damage most often causes this during cancer treatment. It’s a chronic, long-term condition involving excess fluid buildup and swelling. It can cause discomfort, pain, and mobility issues, which liposuction can relieve. 

4. Extreme Weight Loss

People who lose 40% or more of their body weight may have excess skin after their weight loss. This excess skin can be unattractive, uncomfortable, and even painful. Liposuction can remove this extra skin, and help the patient make the most of their new, healthier body.