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4 Signs It’s Time to Update Your Gutters February 1, 2019

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4 Signs It’s Time to Update Your Gutters, Franklin, Ohio

When it comes to protecting the siding on your home, nothing does more than the gutter system along the roofline. However, over time, it’s not uncommon for gutters to start to fail at their job, making water damage and all the associated hazards of poor drainage a reality for many homeowners. The sooner you replace the damaged gutters, the better, but how can you be sure it’s time to invest in new gutters? Here are a few of the most common warning signs to watch for.

4 Signs It’s Time to Replace the Gutters to Protect Your Siding

1. The System Is Full of Cracks

SidingWhen gutters crack, even if it’s a small hairline fracture, it allows water to drip down the side of the house and toward the foundation of the structure. When left unrepaired, this can lead to foundation damage, mold and mildew in the walls, and peeling exterior paint. If you notice any cracks or dents in the metal, speak with a general contractor about upgrading the gutters.

2. The Materials Look Old

Gutters age, and as they do, the metal can discolor. Often, this makes the home’s exterior look older and more worn than it really is. Replacing the gutters with a new system will give the house a face-lift without requiring extensive exterior repairs or expensive home renovations.

3. The Gutters Are Pulling Away From the House

When in good condition, gutters sit flush against the base of the roof so they can catch runoff and send it to the designated drainage area away from the house. However, if they’re damaged, they often start to pull away from the siding. This allows water to flow from the roof directly down the side of the house. Over time, you may see leaks in the walls or notice that your vinyl siding is starting to crack or bow out away from the wall. Replacing the gutter system will solve the problem.

4. You’re Tired of Cleaning Them

No one enjoys cleaning out their gutters, but when debris builds up in the channels, water can’t flow off the roof. Luckily, modern systems are designed with simplicity in mind. If you’re tired of cleaning leaves and debris away from the downspout, upgrade to a self-cleaning system. This will help reduce the risk of clogs and spare you the annoyance of removing leaves and twigs throughout the year.


Ready to upgrade your gutters? Contact CL Siding & Construction in Newark, OH. Their experienced siding contractors believe that every home needs a proper drainage system in place to properly protect the structure. They’re ready to help with everything from minor roof repair to extensive water damage restoration on your home’s exterior. Learn more about their services online and call (740) 323-1406 to schedule a free estimate today.

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