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3 Ways to Determine Home Value June 25, 2018

Brighton, Monroe
3 Ways to Determine Home Value, Brighton, New York

A home is an investment, and when selling one, you want to ensure you get the highest return. Determining home value is a detailed process, and many first-time sellers make the mistake of over or underpricing their property. The staff at Robert Piazza Palotto Sold Team of RE/MAX Plus, in Rochester, NY, advises that there are several key ways to determine your home value. Sticking with these will ensure you get the best deal, so consider the points below.

How to Know What Your Home Is Worth

1. Look at the Market

You may feel your home is a worth a certain amount, but if the real estate market doesn’t agree, you’re going to have trouble selling. Look at similar homes in your area that are for sale or recently sold. They’ll provide a general idea of what buyers are willing to pay, as well as valuable insight as to if right now is the best time to be selling.

2. Hire an Appraiser

home-value-rpp-sold-team-of-remax-plusAn expert opinion never hurts, and appraisers make a living by valuing homes. They’ll not only take a look at comparable properties, but they’ll also do an in-depth assessment of home systems such as electrical and plumbing, amenities, and property features. These all affect value and can be leveraged when selling, so consider an expert’s advice if you aren’t sure where to start.

3. Work With a Real Estate Agent

The most tried-and-true way to get an accurate home value is by working with a real estate agent. They’ll be familiar with the current landscape, will have extensive experience valuing properties, and can also advise on what buyers are currently paying. They’re an invaluable asset when it comes to marketing and closing a deal, making them an essential part of the process.

If you’re interested in buying or selling and need assistance, turn to Robert Piazza Palotto Sold Team of RE/MAX Plus. They offer comprehensive real estate services and have helped over 2,500 families find their dream home. They’ll work closely with you from beginning to end and are committed to ensuring you get the best deal or return. Call (585) 623-1500 today to schedule a consultation and visit their website and Facebook page to learn more.

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