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Tandem Skydiving Do’s & Don’ts June 22, 2018

North Shore, Waialua
Tandem Skydiving Do’s & Don’ts, Waialua, Hawaii

If you’ve finally decided to take that thrilling leap of a lifetime, it’s time to prepare to for your jump. Every choice can add to or take away from your tandem skydiving experience. To enhance your first jump, Pacific Skydiving Center in Waialua, HI, shares the biggest do’s and don’ts of skydiving.


Dress comfortably.

You don’t need to dress head-to-toe in protective gear for tandem skydiving. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing, like T-shirts and pants. If you have long hair, tie it up to keep your instructor’s line of sight clear. A light jacket or hoodie is recommended for chilly mornings, and close-toe shoes are a must.

Have pictures taken.

Get your skydive memorialized and take advantage of video and photography packages. The free fall itself lasts no longer than a minute, with less than ten minutes under the parachute. With video and photos, you’ll be able to relive the fantastic views as well as that brief rush of adrenaline for the rest of your days.

Listen to your instructor.

No matter your skill tandem skydivinglevel, you must pay attention to your instructor. The instructors at Pacific Skydiving Center are highly trained and USPA licensed. You can trust them to help you have the safest, most awe-inspiring journey possible.


Under or overeat.

Many make the mistake of thinking they shouldn’t eat before tandem skydiving. You should always jump with something in your stomach, whether it’s a decent meal or a smoothie, or you risk low blood sugar, dizziness, and exhaustion during the fall. Conversely, eating too much can make you feel sick and uncomfortable.

Close your eyes.

It’s perfectly normal to feel nervous on your first jump, but relax, breathe, and keep your eyes open. You’ve taken the time, effort, and cash to make it up there, so don’t miss out. Look around you and take in the world below. You don’t get this opportunity for clear, gorgeous views anywhere else.

When you’re ready to give tandem skydiving a try, jump with Pacific Skydiving Center. This military-certified company boasts the most experienced licensed instructors in Hawaii. Their Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) program will train you to skydive with confidence, so you’ll be able to enjoy the journey to the fullest. To learn more about what the first jump will entail, view their helpful guide online. Call (808) 637-7472 to book an unforgettable experience.

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