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What Is Tile Reglazing & Why Is It a Good Investment? June 27, 2018

Clinton, Middlesex
What Is Tile Reglazing & Why Is It a Good Investment?, Clinton, Connecticut

After years of exposure to moisture and general wear, tiles, wash basins, and tubs in bathrooms could start to lose their glossy finish. Although renovating the space is an option, tile reglazing is a less time-consuming, and more convenient, alternative worth considering to restore the value and appearance of your investments. Below is further insight regarding the steps involved in tile reglazing and the advantages of opting to use this refinishing technique.  

Tile Reglazing Is a Spray Enamel Application Completed in a few Hours

Clinton-Connecticut-tile-reglazingWhen the shower stall, wall tile, sink basin, and bathtub are scuffed, nicked, discolored, or suffer from additional surface damage, it can make the entire bathroom look small and dingy. Tile reglazing is designed to quickly restore the surfaces to their original appearance without dismantling or removing the fixtures.

To prepare for reglazing, trained technicians start with deep cleaning surfaces to remove water deposits, soap residue, oil, grease, and additional grime. The areas are then lightly sanded to scrape away residue from the old finish. Next, three to four thin layers of opaque enamel are applied to the fixtures. The coats are applied with spray equipment for an even finish. The entire process typically takes between four to six hours to complete, and the enamel needs 12 to 24 hours to cure before the fixtures are ready to use.        

Tile Reglazing Fixtures Is a Cost-Effective Alternative to Replacement

From ripping out tiles to rerouting plumbing to new fixtures, there are a lot of steps involved in a bathroom remodel. The project could take longer than a few days to complete, which could cause major disruptions to your daily routine. Tile reglazing is less of a time commitment, which means bathrooms won’t be out of commission for more than a day or two. Apart from the fast results, the entire process costs considerably less than renovating the space. The cost of refinishing a bathtub, for example, is less expensive than investing in a new one and having it installed in your space.


If you want to restore bathroom fixtures to their pristine appearance with tile reglazing, the team at Porcelain Glaze in Clinton, CT, has the equipment and over 30 years of experience to help select the perfect color for the surfaces and apply the enamel for professional, quality results. To schedule a consultation in Middlesex County, call (860) 669-2576. Visit the company online to see before and after pictures of their bathtub refinishing projects. 

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