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Veterinarian Do’s & Don’ts for Fourth of July Pet Safety June 29, 2018

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Veterinarian Do’s & Don’ts for Fourth of July Pet Safety, Perry, Georgia

Barbecues, beach trips, fireworks—Fourth of July offers a lot to look forward to. Many loving pet-owners may be tempted to include their furry friends in the fun. As any veterinarian will warn you, however, pet owners should take precautions when animals are joining in the festivities. Find out what you can do to keep your cat or dog safe during this summer’s holiday.


Keep pets away from flames.

Maybe you’ve put some citronella candles out for your garden party—or perhaps you’ve fired up the charcoal grill. Wherever flames may be, make this an off-limits zone for animals.

Update your pet’s information.

It never hurts to double check that your cat’s or dog’s ID tags or microchip pet identification details are updated. This is especially important if you’ll be taking a trip—for instance to the beach—where your pet is unfamiliar with the surroundings and bound to get lost if they run off.

Safeguard against the sun.

veterinarianA broiling Fourth of July day can be exhausting for animals. Make sure that there is plenty of shade where your pet can rest. They should also have a bowl of fresh water available.


Leave food and alcohol out.

Certain foods that humans enjoy are harmful to animals. Garlic, onions, grapes, and candy are just a few items that can be toxic. Make sure all foods and drinks are kept out of the pet’s reach at any Fourth of July barbecue.

Bring pets to fireworks.

Fireworks may be beautiful to you, but they will spook your pets. If you’re headed to a celebration with fireworks, leave the animals at home. If there will be fireworks near your home, lock your pet inside with the windows closed and the TV or radio playing to drown out the noise.

Expose pets to bug spray.

Bug spray can contain dangerous chemicals, like DEET, that can harm pets if eaten. Don’t spray near pets as the chemicals can settle on their fur—and then get ingested if they lick it off later.


If your furry friend does get hurt during the Fourth of July festivities, get them to a pet care clinic as soon as possible. For help in Houston County, GA, trust Perry Animal Hospital. These veterinarians believe in promoting animal health by providing top-quality care that pet-owners can afford. They also accept CareCredit®. You can get an overview of their services online. For an appointment with a veterinarian, call (478) 224-7387.

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