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Top 5 Gun Safety Rules Taught in Firearms Training June 29, 2018

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Top 5 Gun Safety Rules Taught in Firearms Training, Columbia, Illinois

Whether you want to practice home protection, enjoy hunting, or just want a little target practice, following gun safety rules is essential. When you get firearms training, you will learn safety practices that can save lives. Below, Shooter’s Firearms & Indoor Range, located in Columbia, IL, shares a few rules that you should never forget while you’re handling guns.

Top 5 Gun Safety Rules Taught in Firearms Training

1. Always Act Like It’s Loaded

When it comes to gun safety practices, you can never be too careful. Even if you know a gun is not loaded, always act like it is. It’s easy to get distracted or forget if there’s one last bullet left in the chamber. When lives depend on your actions, it’s important to form good habits.

2. Always Point It Away From People

As you get familiar with your shooting range, always be aware of your surroundings. Know where people are and keep your gun pointed away from them. Again, when serious injury or death can be the consequence of poor gun handling, practicing those good habits can save lives.

3. Always Keep Your Finger Off the Trigger

Just because your gun has a safety switch, that doesn’t meaFirearms Trainingn you can play with the trigger. Until you’re ready to aim at the target, make sure you keep your finger straight and off the trigger. The safety switch is an added precaution, but don’t trust it to be foolproof.

4. Always Keep It Unloaded Until Ready to Shoot

Another rule you learn in firearms training is to keep your gun unloaded until you’re ready to shoot it. This is just another way to practice good gun handling habits that maintain the safety of your shooting range and surrounding areas.

5. Always Know Your Target

When you’re ready to shoot and you’re loading your firearm, take a moment to consider your target. Make sure you know what it is and what’s behind it so you can avoid unnecessary injury or damage to property. Stay calm and clearheaded and have fun!

At Shooter’s Firearms & Indoor Range you can enroll in firearms training that will prepare you to handle these weapons safely. Both adults and youth can learn basic firearm safety, and Illinois residents can get their concealed carry license. For more information about their classes or to find out about their shooting range competitions, visit their website today or call them at (618) 281-6393.

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