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How to Select Fresh Fish from the Market June 22, 2018

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How to Select Fresh Fish from the Market , Bon Secour, Alabama

Fish is a healthy and delicious protein, a staple of many delectable dishes and an essential part of a well-rounded diet. When shopping, it’s important to select fresh fish for the sake of flavor and health. When seafood spoils, it may have an unsavory texture and flavor or contain potentially harmful bacteria. Billy’s Seafood in Bon Secour, AL, is the community’s go-to for fresh market seafood. 

How to Choose Fresh Fish 

1. Check the Eyes, Fins, & Gills

Healthy fish have healthy eyes; they should be bright, plump, and wet. Sunken, cloudy eyes indicate an unhealthy fish or improper handling. The fins should also be healthy-looking, moist, and intact. Dry, brittle dorsal and tail fins indicate that the fish has sat out for some time—torn or ragged fins mean rough handling. Clean the gills with a pink or reddish tint, not brown or sticky. 

2. Pay Attention to Smell

fresh fishContrary to popular belief, most seafood shouldn’t smell “fishy.” A fresh seafood market should smell clean and a bit salty or briny, like the seashore. If you’re overwhelmed with a severe, fishy odor, the fish isn’t fresh. 

3. Examine the Skin

The skin of a fresh fish is shiny and firm. Dull or mushy skin is a surefire sign of spoiled seafood. Ask the fishmonger if you can touch the fish, or ask them to do it for you. Its flesh should spring back when you press down, just as your skin does. If it doesn’t, it’s probably past its prime. 

Don’t settle for anything but the best when it comes to seafood. Get your fresh fish from Billy’s Seafood, the preferred seafood market of Bon Secour, AL, chefs. Even if you’re not a local, you can enjoy their quality seafood by taking advantage of their convenient online ordering and delivery system. Call (251) 949-6288 to speak with a friendly staff member about their offerings, or go online to view their products. 

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