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How to Choose the Right Landscape Supply Company for You June 22, 2018

Victor, Ontario
How to Choose the Right Landscape Supply Company for You, Victor, New York

When updating your home or business exterior, you'll likely need professional help to get the job done. Most turn to a landscape supply company when they need products such as sand, gravel aggregate, or stone. However, with so many companies available, it can be difficult to know which is right for you. Look for two key factors before investing.

The Right Company Provides Various Products

sandYour projects require different materials. For example, a parking lot or driveway may need gravel. However, installing a pool may require sand. You do not want to visit two separate businesses to find both.

When looking for a landscape supply store, always choose a place that offers various goods. The best stores will even include services such as sand delivery or crusher run products. Stone, clay, fill products, and topsoil should all make the list as well. This allows you to rely on one shop for all your needs.

The Right Company Puts the Customer First

Many businesses focus on profit first. In this case, the customer is likely to receive lower-quality craftsmanship or products. Instead, trust a team whose goal is customer satisfaction. Talk to the owner or manager about their policy. Do they provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee with their work? Do they apply any hidden fees? Can you get a free estimate? These should all be answered “yes” to ensure a landscape supply company is committed to you.


Whether in need of sand or washed stone, residents and business owners of Victor, NY, go to Syracusa Sand & Gravel They are proud to be your one-stop shop for all materials and goods. In fact, not only do they provide the products, but their list of recommended contractors will point you in the right direction. Like their Facebook page to stay updated on special offers. For more information, visit their website or call (585) 310-2693 today.

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