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As a top new Kia car dealer in Georgia Kia Country of Savannah auto dealership has a unique approach to customer service: We treat every customer as an honored guest in our home - every day, every time, without fail! This philosophy has made us one of the most popular dealerships in Savannah GA. We are the preferred choice of many customers from Hilton Head, Brunswick GA and beyond and we work hard to earn your respect and trust. We stand out among other car dealers in Georgia due to our incredibly dedicated staff, our awesome management, and, of course, the high quality of the Kia vehicles themselves. By offering new Kia cars, SUV's and vans at affordable prices, and with our array of auto financing options, we are able to find the perfect vehicle for you and your budget. From Charleston, SC to Jacksonville, FL, and everywhere in between, you simply will not find a better Kia Dealership! Whether you are looking for

3 Tips for First-Time Car Buyers January 14, 2019

Liberty City - Summerside - Southover - Richfield, Savannah
3 Tips for First-Time Car Buyers , Savannah, Georgia

Visiting auto dealerships for the first time is exciting, but you’ll need to do a bit of preparation before stepping on the showroom floor. As a first-time car buyer, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the excitement, but there are quite a few important considerations to make. Below you’ll find some pointers to make the buying process smoother. 

3 Pointers for New Car Buyers

1. Create a Budget 

Creating a realistic budget makes it easier for auto dealerships to pair you with the car you want. Be honest with yourself about how much you can afford to pay each month. When determining a working budget, include expenses such as fuel costs, insurance, and maintenance. Also factor in your down payment, which is required by the dealership.

2. Take a Test Drive 

auto-dealershipEven if your heart is set on a particular make and model, take it for a test drive before buying. Doing so gives you an idea of how it handles and feels from the driver’s seat. Don’t just take it around the block: drive it as you would normally. Try to parallel park and take it on the interstate to look for blind spots. These issues might seem small, but they make all the difference when driving a vehicle on a daily basis. 

3. Research Your Credit 

Going into an auto dealership with knowledge about your credit is beneficial for the car financing process. Your credit score and background impact the amount of money you can obtain for an auto loan and your interest rates. Being aware of your score can also be a good bargaining tool for negotiating price with a salesperson. 


Following the tips above will help you find an ideal vehicle at a price that meets your budget. However, if you have more questions about the car buying process, contact the friendly staff at Kia Country of Savannah in Georgia. With a wide range of cars and SUVs, this auto dealership will make it easy to find what you’re looking for. Call them today at (912) 629-4906, or visit their website for a closer look at their inventory. 

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