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How Can Physical Therapy Improve My Health? June 27, 2018

Bushwick, Brooklyn
How Can Physical Therapy Improve My Health?, Brooklyn, New York

Patients who participate in physical therapy (PT) partner with a licensed physical therapist to improve or achieve a certain level of bodily ability. Activities may include exercises, the use of equipment like weights and treadmills, and complementary therapies such as massage or heat treatment. Each one of these methods is designed to encourage wellness and manage physical health. Here are a few benefits of working with a rehabilitation professional. 

Disease Prevention 

Most people want to prevent chronic illness and avoid physical injuries. A proactive care plan allows patients to see a physical therapist for an annual evaluation and follow-up plan. Similar to a yearly exam with a primary care physician, a physical therapy checkup lets the licensed PT professional track the patient’s health and ability over time. 

If the therapist considers the person healthy, they may receive strength and conditioning exercises to do at home. These activities will keep muscles strong and healthy while helping with weight management and fall prevention. If the specialist notices a problem with muscle or joint function, they can recommend a customized treatment strategy. 

Condition Management 

Brooklyn Physical TherapyRegular PT helps manage a variety of health conditions, including tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, and chronic back pain. Long-term development of these problems can lead to significant discomfort and surgery. By keeping appointments and following the physical therapist’s care instructions, patients can strengthen and stretch joints and muscles to reduce symptoms and eliminate the need for invasive treatment. 

Physical therapy also helps other diseases and illnesses, including spinal cord injuries, Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy, cardiopulmonary conditions, and urinary incontinence. By focusing on the muscle groups that are affected by these challenges, patients can enjoy a better quality of life and reduce the need for medication and other procedures. 


A physical therapist can help patients recover from traumatic injuries and surgery and provide health management. Ahava Medical & Rehabilitation Urgent Care Center in Brooklyn, NY, believes in assisting patients with their wellness goals through proactive care services. To schedule a consultation appointment, call (347) 754-6537 for their Nostrand Ave. location or (347) 754-6538 for the Sumner Place clinic. For information about their occupational, speech, and physical therapy services, visit their website

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