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What You Need to Know About Same-Day Crowns June 27, 2018

Richmond, Madison
What You Need to Know About Same-Day Crowns, Richmond, Kentucky

If you’ve had a crown in the last 20 years, the process probably took a few weeks. You had to sit for a mold before your dentist sent it off to a lab where they made the crown. A few weeks later, you returned to the dentist to have the piece installed. This wait is no longer necessary. Due to advanced technology, same-day crowns are rising in popularity. Below, Highland Dental in Richmond, KY, shares some benefits of this procedure.

Benefits of Same-Day Crowns

1. Convenience

With regular crowns, you’d have to make multiple appointments to get your tooth taken care of. During the first one, the dentist would take a mold of your teeth that would be sent off to an outside company to create the tooth implant. Weeks later you’d return when the new tooth was ready. Today, this process is completed at your dentist’s office in a couple of hours. Same-day crowns offer the entire procedure in one appointment, providing unmatched convenience. 

2. Quality

same-day crownsThe faster turn-around on same-day crowns does not compromise quality. New technology allows dentists to take a mold and create the crown in-office, removing the need to send out your tooth’s imprint and offering the same high-quality implants as the longer procedure.

3. Reduced Nerves

Many people are scared about having dental procedures done. Drawing out the process over the course of a few weeks can make the final appointment even more nerve-wracking. Avoid this wait by choosing a same-day crown. You can complete the entire procedure over the course of a few hours, limiting your time to be nervous, so you’re more comfortable.

Same-day crowns offer convenient, high-quality procedures that can help you reduce any dentist-related nerves. To learn more about the process, contact Highland Dental at (859) 625-0204. Visit the website for information on their additional services like oral cancer screenings, dental implants, fillings, and tooth extractions. From routine exams to emergency dental services, their talented team can help you manage and maintain your family’s dental health.

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