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3 Ways to Eat Healthy at Buffalo Wild Wings® July 6, 2018

Harlem, Manhattan
3 Ways to Eat Healthy at Buffalo Wild Wings®, Manhattan, New York

Buffalo Wild Wings® is all about kicking back, relaxing, and enjoying the game while you munch on excellent food, but what if you are on a diet? With 6 in 10 American adults living with a dietary restriction, this popular Danbury, CT, restaurant has something for everyone, from wings to salads. Here are three ways to eat healthy.

Healthier Options at Buffalo Wild Wings

1. Order an Extra Veggie Boat 

When you order wings, they come with a complimentary side of carrots, celery, or a mix of both. Instead of an additional side like their famous Buffalo Chips or Beer-Battered Onion Rings, order a veggie boat to fill you up while cutting your calories. 

2. Try a Salad

wingsIf you are interested in skipping the fried foods altogether, order one of Buffalo Wild Wings’ signature salads instead. Whether you are in the mood for the Santa Fe Salad topped with hickory-smoked chicken and creamy avocado or the Buffalo Chicken Salad graced with their signature strips, you are sure to love your meal. 

3. Opt for Water Instead 

Cutting calories is crucial when you are watching your weight, so opt for ice water instead of soft drinks or beer. A single 8 ounce can of soda contains as many as 150 calories, and when the drinks are on tap, it is easy to burn through three or four 20 ounce glasses. To add a little extra interest to your ice water, ask the waiter for a slice of lemon or lime on the side. 

When you are ready to tantalize your taste buds with a wide array of crisp salads and flavorful wing combinations, stop by Buffalo Wild Wings. In addition to enjoying a fun, uplifting environment, you can also select from 16 sauces and five dry seasonings, giving you the chance to completely customize your meal. They have locations throughout the country, including Brooklyn, NY, and Stamford and Milford, CT. To check out their menu, visit them online or call (203) 794-9453 to reach the Danbury location. 

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