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5 Steps Involved in Retreading Used Tires July 2, 2018

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5 Steps Involved in Retreading Used Tires, Livonia, New York

Your tire’s treads keep your car on the road, providing the traction necessary to make those sharp turns and quick stops. That’s why it’s important to never drive with balding tires. But what if there was a way to refurbish your used tires to keep using them? Here’s how retreading works and how it benefits you.

How Used Tires Are Retreaded

1. Inspection

Before the retreading process, a professional will inspect the used tire to verify that it’s structurally sound and able to support the weight of the vehicle. They will consider the age of the tire and whether it’s had any repairs before, as well as verify the steel components are not rusted.

2. Buff the Old Tread

Next, the technician buffs the surface of the tire. This process enables the new rubber to adhere. The existing treads are completely removed and any holes or imperfections are buffed, cleaned, and patched.

3. Apply New Rubber

Used TiresMultiple layers of new rubber are heated and then applied to the tire, building it back up to the appropriate size. Perforated rollers are used to help this rubber adhere. Sprinkling it with rubber powder prevents the tire from sticking to the mold when it’s pressed.

4. Press Tire

When the used tire is finally ready to be pressed, technicians place it in a mold that applies both heat and pressure to give the rubber its new tread pattern. An airbag is inflated inside the tire so it won’t collapse under the pressure of the mold. Molding can take up to an hour and fifteen minutes to complete.

5. Balance & Reinspect

To finish off the retreaded tire, professionals inspect it for balance and flaws. During this quality control step, the safety and functionality of each tire are evaluated to verify that the process has been completed correctly.


Instead of buying brand new tires when your treads wear out, opt for retreading, which is an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient option. At Briggs Tire Service in Livonia, NY, they offer in-house retreading of any used tire to help customers save money and get back on the road fast. Providing everything from truck to all-terrain tires, they can keep you safe on the road. Call (585) 346-3041 to schedule an appointment or visit their website.

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