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4 Steps to Improve Your Financial Health June 21, 2018

Statesville, Iredell
4 Steps to Improve Your Financial Health , Statesville, North Carolina

Managing money efficiently can be challenging, leading many people to seek financial help. If you are constantly feeling stressed out about your finances, it’s time to consider what you can do to turn the situation around. With proper planning and discipline, it is possible to make the most out of every dollar you earn. Though the following steps may seem simple, they can go a long way towards improving your current financial health and setting you up for a secure future.

4 Tips for Better Money Management 

1. Create a Budget 

A budget is essential for anyone looking for financial help. This is what will give you the most control over your economic condition. Budgeting will allow you to decide how best to spend your money and hold you accountable for making conscious purchase decisions. Without a financial plan, it ’s easy to spend money on items you don’t really need. 

2. Don’t Use Credit Cards 

financial help Once you’ve committed to bettering your finances, it’s best to stop using credit cards. When you have open lines of credit readily available, it’s tempting to spend more than you make. However, this will only inhibit your progress as you accumulate more debt. If you only use cash, your debts will get paid down much faster.

3. Adjust Your Spending Habits 

Sticking to a budget will likely require you to adjust your normal spending habits. This means cutting out frivolous shopping, limiting how much you spend on entertainment, and finding ways to reduce recurring expenses. It may be difficult for a while, but until your finances are back on track, the majority of your income should go toward household expenses and getting rid of debt. 

4. Get Help Eliminating Debt 

In the event you have insurmountable debt you can’t seem to pay down, setting up a debt consolidation plan or filing bankruptcy may be viable solutions. Debt is a major hindrance to economic prosperity, so getting the financial help you need to eliminate it should be a top priority. An attorney can provide legal advice on the best option for your particular circumstances. 


Making meaningful changes to your economic situation will take some dedication, but the results will be worth the time and effort. If you are dealing with overwhelming debt, don’t hesitate to get financial help. The Law Office of James B. Mallory III offers decades of experience in bankruptcy and debt consolidation. Attorney Mallory has made it possible for numerous Statesville, NC, residents to achieve their financial goals, and there is no legal professional better equipped to help you build a foundation for long-term financial success. Contact his office at (704) 872-1911, or visit him online for more information on his services.

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