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How to Create a Fire Escape Plan for Your Family June 21, 2018

Loveland, Hamilton
How to Create a Fire Escape Plan for Your Family, Loveland, Ohio

Though you will hopefully never need to use it, every family should have a fire escape plan. To ensure everyone’s safety, this plan should be updated and reviewed after large life changes such as a new member of the family or a large home remodeling project. While the specific needs of your plan will depend on your home’s structure and its residents, below are a few beginning steps to take.

A Quick Guide to Creating a Fire Escape Plan

Draw a Floor Plan

home remodelingMake copies of your existing blueprint or sketch out your floor plan, including all windows, doors, and stairs. Use a black or blue ink for the outlines so you can trace escape pathways in bright colors like yellow or red. Mark every possible exit in another color, like green, so it’s easy for everyone to see possible ways to get out of your home in an emergency. Be sure that the floor plan you’re using reflects any recent home remodeling, so it is accurate.

Discuss Escape Routes

Look at the plans together and create imaginary scenarios to run through. Make sure that each member of the family understands multiple escape routes from every room as well as how to assess route safety. For example, a door may seem like the easiest exit point, but if it feels hot, it is likely unsafe. Teach everyone to feel doors, crawl under smoke, and be wary of unstable floors.

Establish a Meeting Place

Designate several potential meeting places with one primary spot and several secondary options in case the first one is in danger of the fire. Knowing where to go after evacuating from your house will make it much easier to tell if anyone is still inside. Note that these meeting spots may change if the floor plan does, so you should update your plan with every home remodeling project you undertake.


If your family experiences a house fire, contact Rumpke Restoration in Loveland, OH. The well-trained team offers water and fire restoration in addition to home remodeling, so your family can safely return to your home as soon as possible. They also provide mold remediation and HVAC cleaning to remove any spores that grew after the fire was put out. Visit the website to learn more about how their team can help your family recover from a disaster, and call (513) 760-5501 to request their services.

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