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When You May Need a Worker's Compensation Attorney December 27, 2018

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When You May Need a Worker's Compensation Attorney, North Albemarle, North Carolina

Worker’s compensation insurance provides employees harmed on the job with critical medical benefits and wage replacement . While the system should give quick financial relief to people whose injuries have rendered them unable to work, the claims process is complex and overwhelming at times. Depending on the severity of your injuries, collecting the benefits you deserve may require the expertise of a skilled legal representative.

When Should You Hire a Worker’s Compensation Attorney?

Your Injuries Are Severe

workers compensationWhen your injuries require surgery or prolonged recovery at home, hire a lawyer to handle the claim. Should the doctor feel a full recovery isn’t likely, an attorney will also help secure the long-term benefits you deserve. Both of these scenarios are difficult to navigate alone, especially while undergoing grueling rehabilitation.

You Had Pre-Existing Medical Issues

Worker’s compensation benefits also cover injuries aggravated by a pre-existing medical condition or disability. However, these claims are often more complex, since the employer is generally responsible solely for the worsening of such a condition.

Your Employer Contests the Claim

Employers sometimes claim a worker’s injuries are unrelated to the job or the result of the claimant’s gross negligence. If your employer contests responsibility for your disability or the board has ruled against you, a worker’s compensation attorney will represent you at any hearings and fight to achieve justice.


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