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3 Tree Diseases to Look Out for & What to Do About Them June 21, 2018

Marshan, Dakota
3 Tree Diseases to Look Out for & What to Do About Them, Marshan, Minnesota

When a tree gets sick, it’s crucial to detect the illness early. Diseases can weaken trunks and branches, resulting in damage to your property or harm to people if they fall. The issue can also spread to other trees, resulting in a frustrating yard-wide problem that’s expensive to fix. But how can you tell when it’s time to call a tree care expert? Here, the team at Rivertown Tree Service of Hastings, MN, offers a simple guide to identifying common diseases.

Your Tree Care Guide to Spotting Diseases 

1. Leaf Rust

When trees are attacked by rust fungus, the leaves turn a mottled orange or gold color. You may also note it looks like there’s a powdery material on the leaves. Fortunately, this issue will do little more than make the plant look unsightly. You can apply a fungicide from your local garden supplies store and remove the diseased leaves for good measure.

2. Oak Wilt

tree careThis is a more serious issue that will kill the tree if left unchecked. Those sick with this disease will lose their leaves almost entirely. The remaining leaves will look wilted and discolored. While the condition is sometimes treatable, the tree may need to be removed entirely. Consult with a tree care expert so they can ensure the diagnosis is accurate and suggest the best course of action.

3. Dutch Elm Disease

This is a dangerous fungus that is spread by bark beetles. Signs your trees have it include yellowing, curling leaves near the crown; these will later wilt and die. Look for this issue to be occurring from the top down, and pay special attention to any trees that recently received a root graft, as they are susceptible to this issue. An arborist can offer an accurate diagnosis and inject a fungicide to prolong the tree’s life span.

For tree care assistance, contact Rivertown Tree Service. For more than 42 years, they have been offering everything from maintenance to tree and stump removal in the Twin Cities area. You can rely on this team to use only the most updated equipment and techniques to ensure your property is both safe and beautiful. To learn more about their services, call (651) 438-3704 or visit them online.

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