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3 Benefits of Fish Oil for Dogs June 21, 2018

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3 Benefits of Fish Oil for Dogs, Foley, Alabama

Fish oil supplements aren’t just for people—in recent years, veterinarians have been touting the benefits of these dietary enhancers for dogs as well. It is packed with omega-3 fatty acids. Dogs who eat a lot of grains, vegetable oils, and meat from non-grass-fed animals are usually lacking in omega-3 and overloaded with omega-6, which can lead to health issues. Find out how infusing their meals with supplements can boost their overall health and well-being.

Why Fish Oil Supplements for Dogs Are Beneficial

1. Ease Inflammation

Omega-6 fatty acids can create an immune response in the body, leading to inflammation and clotting. Omega-3 counteracts this, acting as an anti-inflammatory and combatting conditions like arthritis and joint pain. Omega-3 can even prevent inflammation of organs like the heart and kidneys, which can impair function and cause health problems.  

2. Nurture Healthy Hair

veterinarianA gleaming coat of hair on a dog isn’t just attractive; it’s also a sign of good health. While omega-6 can lead to dryness, omega-3 balances this out and returns moisture to your dog’s system. This prevents itchy skin and reduces dandruff, resulting in a beautiful, shiny coat. An added bonus for pet-owners: It should also cut down on shedding.

3. Improve Cognitive Function

Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to aid in cognitive development in puppies, which may make them quicker to learn and ease the training process. Some veterinarians even recommend giving omega-3s to pregnant dogs so that pups benefit from this nutrient before they are born. Omega-3 can also improve overall mental function in older dogs.


Always discuss any changes to your dog’s diet with your veterinarian first. For help in Foley, AL, trust Animal Medical Center. Dr. John Heilmeier and Dr. Kasey Singley can advise whether your canine would benefit from omega-3 supplements and what kind will best suit their needs. Get to know them and their friendly team online. For an appointment, call (251) 955-5900.

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