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Introducing Pediped®’s Adventure Line of Toddler Shoes June 22, 2018

Enterprise, Clark
Introducing Pediped®’s Adventure Line of Toddler Shoes, Enterprise, Nevada

Summer is all about adventure, especially for toddlers. Therefore, finding the right shoes is crucial, as the early childhood years are a vital time for foot development. While barefoot is usually preferred, your child shouldn’t always be without shoes. Fortunately, Pediped offers the next best thing. Along with their wide selection of baby shoes, their Adventure Line of toddler shoes also offers numerous benefits.


Whether at the pool or beach, your child is bound to make a splash. This can result in wet shoes that may cause discomfort and compromise foot health. The team at Pediped® recognizes wet shoes can be uncomfortable for your child, which is why they construct their Adventure Line from quick-dry EVA® footbeds. This innovative material efficiently wicks moisture away from little feet, so they can remain dry and comfortable during playtime.


Toddler ShoesYour little one’s feet should be properly supported in all terrains, wet or dry. That’s why the Adventure Line features a flexible rubber sole. Proper support can keep active kids protected while ensuring proper foot development. The American Podiatric Medical Association even approved the Pediped line as a healthy choice for your kids. 


Your child’s shoes are bound to get dirty throughout summer, which is why Pediped makes their Adventure Line toddler shoes machine washable. Additionally, all Pediped Adventure Line shoes are free of animal materials and by-products, making them easier to wash. This also makes them ideal for families adhering to a vegan lifestyle.

Proper foot support from Pediped Infant Footwear means your child will enjoy a happy and healthy summer filled with adventures. Feel free to visit their website to see what this company offers for baby and infant footwear. You can also call (702) 564-2246 for more information on the importance of selecting the right toddler shoes.

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