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HVAC Contractor's Guide to Troubleshooting Your AC Fan July 2, 2018

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HVAC Contractor's Guide to Troubleshooting Your AC Fan, High Point, North Carolina

Whether it's not spinning at all or is displaying sluggish movements, an AC fan malfunction can turn your home into a summertime nightmare. According to the professionals at Hunter Heating & Air Conditioning in High Point, NC, it's important to diagnose and evaluate the level of seriousness of the breakdown before coming up with a game plan. Below, the HVAC contractors explain how to pinpoint the source of the fan malfunction as well as the next steps you need to take.

How to Determine the Cause of an AC Fan Malfunction

If you're lucky, the problem is simply the result of debris blocking the fan's movement. Make sure the system is off and check the compressor on the exterior of your home for visible blockage. Small sticks are the most common culprit, but a buildup of decomposing leaves or mud can also cause havoc. At this time, you should also look for physical damage to the fan, such as broken or chipped blades.

HVAC contractorAccording to the HVAC contractors, motor, thermostat, and voltage issues are also common causes of fan breakdowns. If the fan is working correctly but kicks on and off at random intervals, it's most likely an electrical or thermostat problem. To identify a motor issue, turn the unit off and use a stick or metal rod to see if the fan will rotate manually. Free movement is a sign that the motor is the cause, and if there's a slight teeter or sway in the movement, it's most likely that the bearing is damaged. 

What You Should Do Once You've Identified the Problem

Sometimes, flipping the breaker to the AC unit is enough to fix the problem, especially if it's related to a thermostat issue. However, you should also take advantage of the unit being off and clean the area around the fan. Remove any debris that could inhibit the fan's movement, and go ahead and clear out grass, foliage, and twigs surrounding the unit's perimeter. After you've completed these tasks, flip the breaker back to “on” and reevaluate its operating level.  

As a novice, it's challenging to accurately diagnose an HVAC malfunction. If you still experience the issue after the two steps above or suspect the problem is a result of the motor or wiring issues, contact your HVAC contractor. They'll complete more thorough diagnostic testing to pinpoint the issue and suggest the appropriate air conditioner repair.

A malfunctioning AC fan can make North Carolina summers miserable, so it's important that the problem is rectified quickly. Fortunately, the team at Hunter Heating & Air Conditioning are known for their fast, friendly repairs. Proudly serving residents of the Piedmont Triad region since 1931, the HVAC contractor is committed to providing efficient, reliable, and affordable services. Request your free consultation today by calling (336) 882-3367 and learn more about their heating and air offerings by visiting their website.

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