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4 Important Care Tips for Healthy Trees June 20, 2018

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4 Important Care Tips for Healthy Trees, Midland City, Alabama

Verdant trees are a gorgeous addition to any property. And sometimes, they need help to stay healthy and strong. Instead of waiting for issues to arise, you can take action to keep your lawn full of trees for years to come. From prompt tree trimming to guarding the bark, here are four tree-care tips to keep in mind.

How to Maintain Healthy Trees on Your Property

1. Protect the Bark

A tree’s bark is its first defense against harm, so it should be carefully guarded. While accidents like hitting trees with lawn care equipment or backing into them with your vehicle are clear incidents to avoid, other sources of damage aren’t always so clear. A sprinkler may seem harmless, but if water hits a tree in the same place repeatedly, it can wear down the bark over time. To avoid this type of damage, ensure water isn’t directly hitting any trees in its spray radius.

2. Schedule Tree Trimming When Needed

Hiring a professional tree trimming service when a tree becomes inundated with dead or dying branches is essential, but other situations also require pruning. For example, space out branches so they aren’t rubbing against each other. This friction can eventually wear a hole in the bark and leave the tree susceptible to infestation and disease. A professional can properly trim the branches to make room for healthy growth.

3. Understand the Signs of Distressed Trees

Even when taking on all of the necessary precautions, trees can still experience health issues that require professional attention. Knowing how to spot these problems before they fully destroy the plant or spread to others is a crucial step. There are many red flags to watch for, including leaves falling earlier than usual, leaves without veins, dead branches at the peak of the tree, and fungus growing around the trunk. If you notice any of these signs, consult a tree treatment professional so the issue can be handled with experience and care.

4. Use Mulch Regularly

Mulch is an effective tool for keeping trees safe and providing them with necessary nutrients and moisture. Beginning a couple of inches from the base of the trunk and extending out up to three feet, place one to four layers of mulch around each tree. Straw, shredded leaves, woods chips, and other biodegradable materials all make for excellent mulch.


If you’re trying to maintain beautiful trees in Midland City, AL, the professionals of TrimCo Tree Experts are on your side. With a team of arborists experienced in tree trimming and removing in addition to treating a variety of tree species, your property will receive the best plant care available. For more information on their services, call (334) 791-2087 or visit their website today. You can also find them on Facebook.

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