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4 New Tanning Lotions & Sunscreens to Try June 20, 2018

4 New Tanning Lotions & Sunscreens to Try, Stillwater, Oklahoma

Before you hit the beach this summer, it’s essential to practice safe skin care. With tanning lotions and sunscreens, you can protect your skin while you perfect your tan. Here, Touch of Bronze, a tanning salon in Stillwater, OK, shares some innovative products you can use to make your skin radiant.

Touch of Bronze Introduces New Products

1. Australian Gold® Botanical Sunscreen

If you’re looking for a sunscreen with a smooth finish and powerful protection, the Australian Gold Botanical Sunscreen is an excellent choice. This natural sunscreen is organic, chemical-free, hypo-allergenic, and coral-safe. It’s ideal for hot days because it won’t wear off when you sweat or swim.

2. JWOWW® Shore Love

TanningFor a lightweight tanning intensifier, use JWOWW Shore Love. With a wonderful kiwi fragrance and caffeine to revitalize your skin, this luxurious product sets itself apart from the rest. Shore Love will help you achieve a beach-ready tan quicker than you ever thought was possible.

3. JWOWW® Fit Goals

Another excellent JWOWW product is the intense Fit Goals tanning lotion. This lotion is packed with a complex that preps your skin for maximum tan absorption. With protein provided by shea butter and beeswax, it will also soften and hydrate your skin.

4. California Tan®

California Tan’s new line features five bronzing lotions. With ingredients that will moisturize naturally, slow aging, and build a beautiful bronze from the inside out, you’ll easily achieve a West Coast glow. Optimize your tan with these amazing products, and pick a shade that works best for your skin’s natural undertones.

When you want to amp up your tan this summer, try out tanning lotions for instant results. These wonderful products can be found at Touch of Bronze multilevel tanning salon. The professionals there can turn your skin into a masterpiece. Their services are ideal when you’re preparing for special occasions and upcoming vacations. For more information, call them today at (405) 533-1826 or visit their website.

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