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A Guide for Denture Care July 2, 2018

Springdale, Springdale
A Guide for Denture Care, Springdale, Ohio

Dental patients who have undergone multiple tooth extractions often seek the assistance of a cosmetic dentist to restore their smile. Many dentists recommend dentures for individuals who are missing multiple teeth. While dentures come in full and partial form, both options are removable, and as such, require upkeep that’s slightly different than your natural teeth. If you've recently been fitted for dentures, here’s a guide for care that will keep this apparatus in excellent condition. 

What’s the Best Maintenance Routine for Your Dentures?

DenturesThe best way to keep your dentures in great shape and to ensure a healthy mouth and fresh breath is by brushing and rinsing twice a day. Avoid using household cleaners or traditional toothpaste to brush your dentures, as these can be abrasive and cause scratches and unwanted wear. Instead, brush them with a soft bristle toothbrush and a special cleaner or mild soap and warm water. Rinse your dentures thoroughly after cleaning and floss them to remove any food particles that may be stuck between teeth. In addition to brushing your false teeth every morning and night, rinse them after meals. 

How Should Dentures Be Handled?

It’s important to remember that dentures are an integral part of your daily routine. They give users a beautiful smile and ensure that drinking, chewing, and speech function as usual. To avoid damaging dentures, always treat them with great care when they aren’t being worn. Remove them over a towel or a full sink of water so that they cannot accidentally fall to the ground and break. Should you experience a mishap, call your cosmetic dentistry team right away so that fixes can be made without impacting your lifestyle.


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