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4 Dos & Don’ts of Attending an Open House June 19, 2018

Montclair, Essex County
4 Dos & Don’ts of Attending an Open House, Montclair, New Jersey

Attending open houses is an essential step to take when considering buying a home. It’s your chance to take a comprehensive tour, speak with the sellers or real estate agent, and get a feel for the property. Real estate agent Betsy Ceccio of Urban Suburban-Keller Williams in Montclair, NJ, advises that there is specific open house etiquette. By sticking to these guidelines, you’ll get the most out of the experience.


Come prepared with questions.

Aside from taking a tour, the goal of an open house is interaction. You can approach the real estate agent or sellers and ask about any concerns you have regarding the property. It can range from opinions on the neighborhood to information regarding recent renovations. It’s invaluable one-on-one time, so do your homework and come prepared.

Explore respectfully.

open-houseIt’s crucial to take an in-depth look at the home, so don’t be afraid to open closets and other doors — as well as cabinets and drawers. You need to know as much as possible, and ignoring these spaces could mean you missed something. Just ask the agent or sellers before opening anything, and always close it when you’re done.


Touch personal items.

Even if you’re in a staged home, avoid touching or sitting on anything. It may be sentimental or expensive, and it’s common courtesy to respect others’ belongings. Spend time seeing how these things fill spaces, as it will give you a gauge of how your decor and furniture will fit.

Just walk around.

In the same way you should come with questions, you should also come with a plan. Don’t aimlessly walk around the home; you’re there for research, so start by focusing on aspects that matter to you. If you’re familiar with the floor plan, create a desired route before and bring it with you as a guide.

Taking advantage of an open house can be the determining factor in buying a home, so go in focused and confident. If you need assistance with buying or selling, turn to Betsy Ceccio at Urban Suburban-Keller Williams. She has over 20 years of experience in real estate and will work with you throughout the process to ensure you get the best deal or return. Call (917) 755-7672 today to schedule an appointment. Also, visit her website and Facebook page to explore featured real estate listings.

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